2011. április 16., szombat

blog candy by Julia

Júlia csúcs szuper blog candyt ajándékoz! Akinek megtetszett nyugodtan csatlakozhat.Infok kicsit lejjebb...Köszi a lehetőséget Júlia!

It's time for my summer candy! The prize you can find on photo below)

How to enter

1. Grab a photo of my candy, put it to your blog with a link back to mine.
2. Then come back and enter your information in the Mr.Linky below.
3. You can participate no matter which country you are from I will ship internationally.
4. You have until May 31st 24.00 to enter. The random will reveal the lucky winner on the 1st of June.
5. It is not necessary to be my follower, just if you want)

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