2010. november 15., hétfő

blog candy by Lisa

Blog Candy HERE!!! 

Lisa wants you to do the following things:

" Ok guy's. I seem to be getting more and more followers faster than I thought I would! So I am giving away some blog candy when I reach 100!! Lets see how fast that goes?!? It's not much but hey... it's free!! Here are the rules:
1. Comment on this post
2. Become a follower
3. Link my post on your sidebar (Then comment again saying you did and the name of your blog for another entry!!)
4. Tell everyone on facebook about my candy! (Then comment again for yet ANOTHER entry!)

So that would be 3 chances each if you guys do the above! Thanks for following me guys even though I am still very new to all of this. Once my room is done and I get moved in you will see TONS more projects posted by me and by that time I plan to try my hand at some tutorials! YAY!

Thank you for stopping by! "

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